Looking to submit a logo or graphic for an order? Please call or send an email using the contact information in the sidebar.

Since artwork submitted in the wrong format can cause delays, please review the basic requirements for artwork submissions:

Acceptable Formats

All text should be converted to outlines/curves or paths and vector artwork should NOT contain embedded bitmaps. For comparison, it is helpful to include a low resolution bitmap or PDF of your logo or layout. The files must be in PC format and should be black & white only for engraving (no grayscale).

  1. CorelDraw X6 or lower (.cdr)
  2. Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
  3. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) may work depending on the version
  4. Bitmap images are NOT preferred. Some such as .tif, .jpg or .bmp may be usable if the resolution is 300 DPI or better (must be black & white only for engraving). If submitting a .jpg, .tif or .bmp, the image must be the same size or larger than what will be produced for the final product.
  6. Any artwork that needs additional setup work will be charged per half hour.

Non-Acceptable Formats

  1. Excel
  2. Page Maker
  3. Power Point
  4. Quark Xpress
  5. Any Word Processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word)


  1. 300 dpi or greater
  2. NO WEB GRAPHICS PLEASE (due to low-quality)